8 essential tools to go plastic-free

by:Chengbai     2020-06-23
If it\'s plasticfree —
Or at least in that direction.
The goal this year is that you are not alone.
To reduce waste, many consumers around the world have changed their habits and taken more environmental measures.
A friendly way of life
Making a change can be overwhelming, but with something basic, you can start building up ongoing daily habits.
In order to help you find the right tools to make your transition as smooth as possible, we summarize the eight necessary tools
Tools for Living plasticfree life.
Stasher reusable silicone food bags are easy to use with Stasher reusable food bags.
There are two sandwiches in this package.
Bags of size, perfect for your lunch, snacks, and even salad ingredients.
The reusable silicone food bag set at Stasher is now available for $24.
If you wrap a sandwich in paper from a deli, consider packing this reusable food package with a simple Eco.
There is an aluminum layer inside which is used to increase the insulation, so low allergy because it does not use beeswax.
Now you can buy Eco washable reusable food packaging for just $15.
Nowcolonial Co.
Although it doesn\'t look very similar, it\'s easy to avoid using plastic bags in grocery stores.
Keep these reusable product bags from colonial companies
Use your reusable shopping bag and never take the plastic again. Colony Co.
You can now buy reusable product bags for $27.
The organic cotton market canvas grocery shopping bag must now be purchased.
Not only do these canvas bags come from organic cotton plastic-
This is free, but they can also be used as shopping bags for clothing and extra storage when traveling.
Canvas grocery shopping bags in the organic cotton market are now priced at $13.
Museum NowPounique wooden tableware travel SetSingle-
Using plastic utensils is easier to avoid than you think.
Just a set of-
Tableware like this goes from Pounique to break the habit.
Pounique\'s wooden cutlery set now costs $16.
Say goodbye to the plastic straw with FinalStraw\'s original reusable straw.
Featuring a shark tank, this innovative metal straw collapses and comes with a special case for ease of usethe-go.
FinalStraw\'s stainless steel reusable drinking water straws are now priced at $25.
Buying reusable coffee cups is one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic use.
This option is made of glass and features a cork handle to prevent hot drinks.
The Cork version of KeepCup\'s reusable cup is now priced at $28.
If you want to eliminate the use of plastic wrap, it is necessary to purchase the packaging reusable food packaging beeswax food packaging of NowBee.
Bee\'s Wrap offers a variety of sizes for a variety of leftovers.
Bee\'s Wrap reusable food packaging is now available for $18.
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