6 smartly designed shopping bag logo designs crafted by famous brands

by:Chengbai     2020-01-09
As competition in the industry grows, retailers are looking for new ways to promote their brands.
The latest development of the brand strategy is the transformation of shopping bags to make them thicker and stronger so that customers can reuse them.
This is the smartest way for a brand to promote itself and take a place in the minds of customers.
Here are some brands with logo designs for smart shopping bags. 1.
MeralCo: this is the biggest power dealer who has found a great way to promote their company while sending energy saving messages to their customers.
The bright yellow bag consists of an image of a table fan or iron, and the rope of the bag is shaped like the power cord of the appliance.
The smart and innovative creation of this package helps us remember the brand easily. 2.
Whitty: they created the smartest shopping bag with their own brand logo, which is highly reusable and represents the company\'s values at the same time.
It shows the life image of a muscular man\'s torso, next to the company name.
This shows that if you eat wheat, the muscular person will look like you. 3.
Saks Fifth Avenue: this is one of the most creative shopping bags in design, where you can feel the flavor of modern art.
The company breaks down the brand marks into small pixels and rearranges them like an unresolved puzzle.
This makes the bag look beautiful because your fingers itch when you look at the bag and want to put the pieces back together. 4.
Swatch: The new Swatch bag was created in bright blue and green with the words \"time\" on it \".
The script of passion.
The modern design with horizontal lines gives it a very stylish and modern look. 5.
Bergdorf Goodman: It\'s been years since their iconic lavender shopping bag and photos of Ms. Park Avenue.
Even in the distance, you can see one of the lavender bags and connect them to the brand. 6.
Bloomingdale: you can\'t even cross the street without seeing those big, medium or small brown bags.
These bags change the dynamics of reusable shopping bags for brands with logos.
But few people know that brown bags are a product of the famous elite chain store, Bloomingdale.
Simple brown bag with simple and thick font that can now be bought on canvas to increase life.
This is a good way for shops to sell themselves.
In addition, there are many well-known brands specializing in shopping bags for special occasions.
For brands, this is a great way to show customers their innovative and creative side and keep a place in their minds.
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