2006 top nonwovens manufacturing report.

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List of letters (company--
Ranking/ranking last year)Ahlstrom--6/6Albis--
36/* Xucheng--16/12 Avgol--18/25 BBA--4/4 BritishVita--17/14 Buckeye--8/9 Colbond--
15/8 company, Providencia 9/40 concert industry-26/27 DuPont--2/2 Fibertex--
13/16 FossManufacturing--
Fort 27/18 flourden--1/1 Georgia-Pacific--
21/21 holingworth and worth--
14/13 Jacob Holm--
31/32 Japanese Villa--
11/10 John Manville--7/7 Kimberly-Clark--3/3 KNH--39/39 Kuraray--38/37Lantor--40/41 Lydall--
25/24 Mitsui chemistry--24/23 Orlandi--27/28Owens-Corning--10/11 Pegas--19/30 PGI--
5/5 precision customization--
37/38 Propex fabric--11/35 Polyfelt--
Sandler AG 30/22--
1/15 Suominen non woven fabric--
33/29 Textilgruppe Hof--
31/31 East riseen--29/36Toyobo--
21/19 joint industry-35/ * Unitika--
34/34 Western non-woven fabric--
19/20 * in this year\'s survey, top companies reported 2006 non-woven fabrics from winheim Freedenberg, Germanyfreudenberg. com $1.
4 billion Key Personnel Management Committee: Dr. Stephan Tanda, President and CEO
Chief financial officer, ReneWollert;
Walter Schwartz, managing director, North America;
GeorgBrasch, general manager, supply chain and restructuring;
Worldwidedivisons: general manager, Andreas ofinterlinings Kreuter and Gerhart Schaut;
Bill Casey, general manager of Tuft, and Jorg Sievert, general manager of weenheim filtration plant, Germany;
Newberg, Germany; Kaiser--
Sloten, Germany; Greetland, U. K. ; Colmar, France;
Barcelona, Spain; St. Omero, Italy;
Cape Town, South Africa;
Saint Martin/Argentina, Argentina; Jacarei,Brazil; Suzhou, China;
CHANGCHUN, China; Nantong, China; Yang MeiTao-Yuan, Taiwan; Tayuan, Taiwan; Durham, NC;
KY andPyungtaek, Hopkinsville, South Korea (
Korean Weilin company)
Process Drylaid staple fiber wetlaid, textile adhesive, fusion spray, electrostaticspun microfiber, needle, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, waterentanglement ISO all locations have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification;
The position serving the automotive industry has passed the QS 9000 certification;
25% of plantsare OSAHS 18001 certification brand name vilene, viledon, vilmed, pellon, micronair, vlieseline, vildona, fliselina, lu soundtex main market clothing lining, filter, medical, protective clothing, car interior, electrical insulation, electrical specialty, household goods, industrial wipes, 2005, the world\'s largest producer of roll products has slight professional sales in hygiene, footwear, coated substrates, carpet backing, landscape fabrics, geotextile, agriculture, furniture and bedding, and industrial non-woven fabrics
Sales decline in Europe and the United StatesS.
According to a spokesman for Schroeder, the continued shift in garment production to Asia has largely led to growth in Asia and Latin America.
In order to avoid increasing raw material costs and competitive pressures in the automotive and textile markets, freudenberg began restructuring the German non-woven fabric factory in October.
Plans to save flaudenberg 30 million [euro]
The increase in working hours per week, the transfer of labor intensity to Eastern Europe, and the reduction of employees.
These initiatives aim to protect German websites for a long time.
\"We have to operate efficiently in our German factory and focus mainly on the high-tech production department there,\" said Stephan Tanda, President and CEO of freudberg non-woven fabric.
If we want to keep our German website-
This is our firm determination. -
Then there is nothing to replace the measures we have announced.
\"The German layoff involved 250 positions in Wayne Heim, 50 positions in catherslouten, and 20 positions in Bohong, Germany, so the total number of layoffs was 320.
In particular, catherslault will benefit from the restructuring;
A technical center of the site will be dedicated to the production of high-tech automotive cabin air filters and spinners, which will create 58 news jobs for the site.
The difficulties that led to this focus effort were caused by external factors, including an increase of about 15 million per year in raw material costs.
At the same time, the company said considerable competitive pressure in the market led to a decline in sales revenue, especially in key European markets such as cars and textiles.
The impact of these factors was somewhat mitigated by the $40 million corporate restructuring plan that flaudenberg announced in 2002 and completed last year. Designed to meet customer needs faster by streamlining the company\'s five departments-
Non-woven fabrics for hygiene/Medical, filter, lining and technology--
Customer-centric operations.
The plan calls for a re-adjustment of the department to make it self
Full product development, marketing, sales and service and responsible for production, factory and production line.
Now, each freudberg factory is responsible for specific market segments rather than offering a range of products at each site.
In Europe, the German website thekaiserslauton is responsible for the tuft, filtration and health/medical department in Wayne Heim, Germany, where there are mezzanine and filtration businesses, as well as Spain and Germany
Greetland of the United StatesK.
The factory is responsible for hygiene and medical products as well as Evolon business at Holz flaudenberg, France.
The reconfigure also requires the addition and replacement of lines throughout Europe. In the U. S.
The line has been transferred from MAfacility Lowell, which was closed on 2004, to NC Durham and KY Hopkinsville.
Although the restructuring did not affect freudenberg\'s business outside North America and Europe, the company has been focusing on these areas, which show strong growth prospects.
In Latin America, Freudenberg has started a new production line in Jacarei, Brazil, the fourth of the plant to develop its health business there.
Freudenberg also has a factory in Saint Martin/Argentina\'s Buenos in Argentina.
A new 12,000 in Asiaton-per-
In the first quarter of next year, Taiwan\'s spunbond production line will be put into production.
Based on polyester technology, the new production line will enable freudberg to increase the production capacity of tuft supporting substrates and enhance its global supply flexibility to customers.
Increased capacity is expected to meet demand for polyester fiber
Basic products for the next 8 to 10 years.
In addition to capital investment, flaudenberg has also stimulated its Asian business through acquisitions.
In May 2005, freudenberg consolidated its position in the Chinese apparel industry by acquiring Nantong Hymo Co.
Norton in Jiangsu province.
Nantong Hymo is a leader in the Chinese shirt lining market and one of China\'s leading woven lining and lining finishing companies.
It was founded in 1985 and is owned in China with its high quality finishing technology and excellent service level and delivery reliability.
In 2004, Nantong Hymo achieved sales of US $22 million and produced more than 30 million square meters of lining materials.
The acquisition of Nantong Hymo has enabled flaudenberg\'s Asian lining business to develop so far, with five factories in Malaysia and more than 1000 employees. -
In Suzhou, China, Nantong, China, Seoul, Korea, Yang-
Chennai, Taiwan and India.
At present, the company\'s total investment in Asia is about $0. 15 billion.
Also in Asia, freudberg established a joint venture in filtration in 2004.
Frodenberg, Japan verun and China partners have established a company called frodenberg and verun filters (Changchun)Co. Ltd.
Acquired the filtering business of Changchun AutofilterCompany.
The joint venture is providing engine and cabin air filters as well as filter elements to leading automakers in northern and eastern China, and helping fuel freudenberg\'s position in the Chinese automotive market, especially in itsm
Fraudenberg\'s tuft business is centered on polyester spinning technology, and strong sales in Asia are challenged by rising raw material prices that have been passed on to customers, and the 11 th chapter status of one of its key customers.
On the positive side, however, the department will benefit from the new fine fiber polyester textile sticking technology installed in katherlault, Germany.
This new production line will be launched in the first quarter of next year, with the goal of a wide finefiber durable polyester textile adhesive market.
The filter market is becoming more and more important for freudberg, which continues to launch products and announce investment strategies to expand its business globally.
While sales in Latin America and North America continue to grow, this sector is under heavy price pressure in Europe, especially in Germany, with higher raw material costs.
Froudenberg continues to see the development of its internal business in Asia, and its investment in Nantong Hymo has corrected the situation to some extent, which has led to a reduction in investment in Europe and the United States. S.
Asia is growing rapidly.
New product of Freudenberg Vilene X!
Treme is called the world\'s first super elastic mezzanine with soft, elastic, and multiple elasticity
The function and good service have received positive feedback from the market.
In terms of health and medical care, Freudenberg continues to avoid mass production in the commodity sector, instead, it is aimed at topsheets, barrier leg cuffs, purchase layers and textile backplates for wound care applications, as well as incontinence and female sanitary products and non-woven fabrics.
These segments allow freudberg to deliver innovation and value, and pay off.
The fifth segment of Freudenberg is non-woven fabrics for technology, which includes a wide range of niche and special applications.
In North America, the main areas of interest include fire prevention devices in the mattress industry-
Driven by state and federal regulations-
In Europe, curtains, car interior, cable packaging, battery separator, car interior, fiber
Reinforced Plastics and acoustics show great potential.
In addition to the five main departments, Freudenberg continues to focus on two key professional products-
Evolon and Novolon.
Made of continuous fine silk water Thorn non-woven fabric, Evolon has good hanging, softness and high tensile strength, perfect for professional wet wipes, anti-aging bedding, technical packaging and
According to Mr.
Schroeder, the sales of this material are still lower than expected, but the company has made good progress in the number of products.
At the same time, Novolon, one can
3D products
3D objects are still in the development stage and are in the initial stage.
Line up in Durham, North Carolina.
DuPont non-woven Wilmington, DE www. dupont. com $1.
35 billion Matt Trerotola, vice president and general manager, DuPontNonwovens, key personnel;
Mansukhani, director of global business
Tyvek/Typar and nigel Budden, global business director-
Richmond, VA (Tyvek);
Old pecans, TN (
Sodala in sotethi); Luxembourg (Tyvek, Typar);
Asturias is full. Sontara)
Tyvek and Sontara conversion facilities)
All factories certified by ISO 9002;
The Luxembourg factory has also passed 9001 certification processes. Tyvek), spunbond (Typar), spunlaced (Sontara)
, AdvancedComposite technology, hybrid membrane technology brand strong, Tychem, dupont Sontara, Suprel, Softesse, ComforMax, Typar (
All over the world except North, Central and South America)
DuPont non-woven fabric is the main market for construction, health care, protective clothing, industry, filtration, absorbent, household goods, envelopes, geotextile, graphics, packaging, footwear under the new leadership this year.
At october5, Matt Trerotola replaced Mark Vergnano as vice president and general manager of the department, which reported sales of $1.
35 billion range last year, a 6-7% increase. Mr.
Trerotola continues to focus on leveraging Dupont as a value leader in all of its end-use categories, including construction, medical care, protective clothing, and recent filtering.
\"We think we are a value leader, so we focus on providing value and getting paid for that value,\" he said . \".
\"It has been difficult because raw materials and other logistics costs have grown so fast.
Profits are squeezed and we have to pass on these costs to our customers.
But we continue to focus on bringing value to the market through new technologies.
\"Despite these challenges, DuPont non-woven fabrics remain strong.
And its goal is to double
Due to late arrival, did not reach the highest growth rate of digits in 5 yearsin-the-
Executives say the department is moving towards achieving that goal in 2006.
A core strategy to drive the development of DuPont non-woven fabric is that the department continues to focus on selective barrier technology.
\"When you think about our technology, we have a lot of successful products because they have selective barrier solutions,\" he said . \"
Trerotola, referring to Tyvek house-
To name just a few, packaging and medical packaging products and Sontara medical gown.
\"We have a strong position in these alternative barrier solutions, and now we are looking for opportunities to add new markets and technologies.
\"There are two areas in these markets that are filtration and energy storage, and DuPont aims to make the latest innovations in terms of selective barriers.
Mixed membrane technology (HMT)
Is a combination of ultra-micron fiber and high surface area, providing the best balance of flow
In the spring of 2006, DuPont set up a production line in South Korea to produce new materials on this line.
HMT allows DuPont to expand its presence in the filtration market, providing a strong growth opportunity for non-woven fabrics as it is able to capture sub-microparticles such as bacteria evenly while maintaining a high flow rate, sandra Van warmer, president of hybrid membrane venture capital, said.
In addition, the high uniformity of the fabric will benefit the energy storage application.
\"There are many possibilities for application . \"
Van warmer said.
\"DuPont is working to bring HMTvalue to customers in various areas that require selective barriers.
\"Investment in South Korea represents DuPont\'s commitment to meet global market demand.
Elsewhere in Asia, DuPont operates a joint venture in China and converts assets in China and Japan.
At present, DuPont can use its existing technology in North America and Europe to meet the needs of Asia, but it has been investing other resources in Japan, China, India and South Korea, which have been designated
In addition to Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America are also other hot spots for growth.
DuPont primarily serves eastern Europe from its western European operations in Luxembourg and Spain, while in Latin America its joint venture with footwear supplier ciatex continues to expand, initially aiming to open up business opportunities in the footwear sector.
\"Most of our production is in North America and Europe . \"
Trerotola explained.
\"But we have been looking at all of our areas from a global perspective.
Europe and the United States. S.
We are the largest business, but we now have a large number of Asian companies and fast-growing South American companies.
\"Tyvek DuPont Tyvek business continues to perform well based on flash-spun non-woven fabric technology, as evidenced by the department\'s recent announcement that it will increase production at its two main facilities ---
In Richmond, the VA and Luxembourg.
While Mahesh Mansukhani, director of global operations at Tyvek, will not elaborate on the scope of theRichmond\'s expansion, which will be launched within 18 months, Hedi revealed that an increase in Luxembourg\'s capacity will result in 15-
Global Tyvek production capacity increased by 20% by 2008.
\"It shows our firm belief that we will continue to grow in the same way as before,\" he said . \".
In recent years, Tyvek has steadily increased by 6-
7% per year, thanks to smaller areas such as construction, protective clothing and medical packaging, as well as envelopes, graphics and other nicheapplication.
In the construction sector, DuPont Tyvek responded to the slowdown in market growth in Europe and Asia and the recent slowdown in the United States. S.
Housing markets that introduce new products, such as metallized Tyvek, are incorporated into Tyvek AtticWrap and ThermaWrap, helping to reduce the generation of heat
Get up in summer and cool in winter.
\"Architecture is a major contributor to tyvek growth, but we have a good pipeline in all areas,\" Mr.
Explain Mansukhani.
\"Our success is largely related to our ability to introduce new products that provide customers with new opportunities and new reasons to use Tyvek.
\"At the same time, there is a synergy between Tyvek and other DuPont brands, such as Nomex and Kevin, and protective clothing also benefits from it.
DuPont\'s personal protection department, including the brand of protective products, is able to provide a range of protective solutions.
These products have been extended to clothing that can prevent multiple dangers.
With knowledge of non-woven fabrics and tychem and Nomex experience, Thermopro, for example, is the first garment to meet the standards for flash fire and chemical protection of the NFPA.
The Tyvek medical packaging business benefits from the introduction of Asuron, which provides the same high microbial protection and physical properties as Tyvek® packaging 3B, while providing significant improvements such as wider
Sealing windows, better printing suitability and bar code readability, a more uniform look and a wider area production capacity.
According to executives, the development of Asuron and other new products using Tyvek illustrates the dynamics of the technology.
\"One thing about Tyvek is that it provides a combination of attributes that allow it to bring some quality to many applications,\" Mr.
Said Mansukhani.
\"Competitors have tried and been able to do some amazing things with one attribute of this fabric, but no one is able to implement all of this on one substrate.
\"In addition to Tyvek\'s main market, DuPont officials are reluctant to disclose some of the smaller niche markets.
\"We don\'t want to lose our competitive advantage.
The niche market is our growth engine.
We want these markets to be our next major market . \"Mansukhanisaid.
Sontara, the DuPont Sontara business unit, is usually divided into two parts: medical fabrics and diversified fabrics, including wet wipes and household products.
In 2005, the two parts realize the double
Despite a slight decline in sales in the industrial wiping category, the figures grew.
The Dupont medical fabric business includes several brands: Softesse water Thorn material, Suprel premium composite fabric and acturel film.
The type of fabric depends largely on the type of medical procedure.
Launched in 2003, Suprel is DuPont\'s first new aggregation technology.
Suprel combines the softness of polyethylene with the barrier protection of polyester to meet the two key needs of the medical community ---
Comfort and protection.
\"We are very excited about suprel,\" said Scott Gettelfinger, North American business manager . \".
\"This year, thanks to the value portfolio provided by nurses and surgeons seeking the best combination of comfort and protection, we have seen significant adoption rates.
\"As the medical community becomes more aware of infection prevention programs, they are also willing to pay higher prices for the correct protection of people and patients.
DuPont has been working with distribution partners Medline to educate healthcare buyers on the value proposition of Suprel and Softesse.
\"The combination of protection and comfort allows nurses and surgeons to perform at a better level and provide better health care . \"
Gerfing explained.
Suprel tends to buy higher-end medical clothing such as the woolrasurgical gown, the Orthomax curtains, Aurora surgical curtains and DuPontIsolation dresses, while providing better for the medical market
At the same time, Softesse, a water Thorn product provided by DuPont for the medical market, continues to perform well, and the medical community in emerging regions has increased the transition from reusable dresses to one-time use, the trend of infection control awareness.
\"We are increasing our inventory, which indicates the adoption of a single
\"On a global scale, the United States has\"
Said gerfing.
\"This is only the result of the evolution of the natural market.
\"In addition to medical treatment, DuPont water Thorn non-woven fabric has also achieved significant penetration in the field of wet wipes, especially in areas that attach importance to the high absorption and low edge of Sontara.
One of the great tricks of DuPont wipes business is its role in the automotive surface preparation system, which contains wet wipes and dry wipes to prepare automatic surfaces before painting.
\"We are the only company that can combine our business --depth know-
What is the performance required for the automotive refin paint process and related wiping products, ultimately providing better paint work.
\"Despite reports that consumer wipes have been commercialized, DuPontexecutives commented that there are still opportunities for value to be appreciated in this area.
\"The goal of the new waterthorn line comingonstream is to have a wider consumer and health market than we do, so they don\'t necessarily pose a direct threat to us . \"
Said gerfing.
\"We choose to play a role in areas where our technology is appreciated and valued.
\"Back to the company\'s advanced composite technology, which, three years after entering the medical market, is expanding into new areas such as construction, and landscape fabrics and protective clothing are valued for their flexibility.
\"It is our ultimate goal to be able to bring new products to existing customers by providing additional value, and we are achieving this through our new technology . \"
Said gerfing.
In fact, DuPont is just the tip of the iceberg of the technology, mixing different polymers into a sub-strategy will enable DuPont to target some of the markets that are not currently on the wovens onwovens radar.
\"If you look at our technical history from a polymer perspective, it\'s limited ,\"Trerotola said.
\"Instead, we offer value in terms of coating or other technologies.
But with our new pipeline, we are turning to technologies that are more converged and flexible.
This is very exciting for DuPont as we have a lot of polymers.
It is actually a combination of two advantages, it allows us to think about how to change into a broader area than the traditional non-woven fabric.
He said: \"expanding into new areas will enable DuPont to expand its business in the market and other areas where it currently works. Trerotolaadded.
\"We are taking advantage of DuPont\'s vision to enter markets that we already know a lot about, and we are looking for new market areas to meet their unmet needs.
We have three strategic priorities.
We want to bring the power of DuPont to our customers;
We want to explore synergies, not only with our customers, but also within our business scope, and we want to take advantage of similar value chains within our company. \" 3 Kimberly-
Clark Dallas, Texaskimberly-clark. com $1.
2 billion Thomas Falk, Chairman and CEO of the board of directors;
Rosalind Brewer, president of global non-woven operations and technology, and Mark Foreste, vice president, product business plant, MS partner; Balfour, NC; Lexington, NC; LaGrange, GA;
Neenah, wi iso status certification is obtained in Lexington, NC and GA;
Other ongoing facilities include textile, melt spray, SMS, bow, water wrap and Coform brand Accord fabric, block protective fabric, breeze mask medium, Cyclean filter medium, du Evolution 4 protective fabric, fathom filter media, fearless filter media, matrix protective fabric, Noah protective fabric, powerloft filter media and QuieTech acoustic media primary markets filter, acoustics, furniture, hygiene, industrial, medical, packaging, protection, absorbent, textile lining and wet wipes from Kimberly
Clark is one of the world\'s largest producers of goods, with 2005 being a good year, with sales of external materials exceeding the Company\'s expectations.
According to reports, \"We have risen last year. from 2004 to 2005, all major markets have improved considerably . \"C.
K-Sneyd, director of marketing and sales, company
Non-woven business of C.
\"We have achieved good growth in all areas.
This is an exciting moment for us and everyone is happy with the direction we are heading.
\"The company mainly attributed the growth in external material sales last year to the strong performance of producers and conversion suppliers.
\"I have to credit our customers for this growth.
Although we have added some new customers, our existing customers have done a very good job last year, and this organic growth has helped our sales trend . \"Sneyd said.
Percentage of K-
C. the total capacity of non-woven fabrics targeted by the outside market is about 15%, while 85% is used to supply the company\'s huge consumer and medical products business and leading brands internally, for example, hugies disposable diapers supply adult incontinence and Kotex sanitary protection products. The ratio of K-
Despite the increase in capacity and the fact that the machine remains evergreen, the use of non-woven fabrics in the internal/external business area of C has been quite stable for several years.
Commenting on the status of the global non-woven industry,
Snyder pointed out that the commodification of textile and melt-sprayed fabrics is an obvious trend. K-
C\'s response to this is to continue to differentiate products and pay more attention to attribute uniqueness.
\"There are a lot of people investing in commodities --gradeproducts.
Spinners, SMS and plain vanilla meltblown have become fairly commoditized, so it\'s just a question who can sell it for the lowest price.
On the other hand, we tend not to focus on generic drugs, but to differentiate through unique products.
A key reason why our customer base is so loyal to us is precisely because of the uniqueness of the products we offer.
This is where we grow.
It has been an important strategy for sales of our external materials business for some time and we are happy with our results, \"he said.
AtK last year-capital improvement and expansion is underway
C\'s global facilities, including some upgrades to nonwovensfacilities, as well as specific consumer plants for growth. Mr.
Sneyd declined to provide more details on these initiatives. K-
C. is also moving forward with the previously announced plan to actively reduce costs by streamlining manufacturing and administrative operations primarily in North America and Europe.
These efforts are expected to create a more competitive platform for growth and profit growth.
To date, as part of the cost reduction initiative, 19 of the approximately 24 facilities planned to be sold, closed or streamlined have notified employees of layoffs and other actions. The cost-
In the face of increasingly fierce global competition, the goal of spending cuts is to save between $300 and $0. 35 billion a year.
These competitive improvement measures will slow down K-
C, several new product innovations were introduced in 2005 and 2006.
New personal care products will be pulled
Ups brand and hugies cleaning team toiletries collection. InJune K-
C. Two new solutions for potty training--new Pull-
Tight pants with cool alarm and pull
Ups night training pants. Pull-
Learning to design Ups training pants with vibration underwear-
Love the graphics and designs that fade when wet.
This year\'s new cotton product line is for children, first-
Dry bathroom paper towels and wet wipes systems designed to help parents teach good bathroom and hygiene habits.
In the professional field, 2005 of people have introduced a series of \"do-it-
Your own \"market segments and faster growth\"it-for-
Professional market.
Later this year, K-
CProfessional will launchand chemical-
The resistant version of its successful Kleenguard purple Nitrile gloves.
In addition to new product development, further globalization and expansion to emerging markets remain K-
C. consumer goods business.
Sales of personal care products continue to rise in emerging and emerging markets.
Seven consecutive quarters achieved digit growth.
Another recent consumer product highlight is the first release of Gen2 RFID
Product case of labelMart.
The next step in the implementation of RFID technology is K-
C. extended research and testing of the compatibility of Gen2 hardware and software with conveyor, packaging, logistics and transportation systems in company-specific vehicles
It is located in the ID research laboratory of WI Neenah. Kimberly-
Clark is a pioneer and supporter of the use of RFID technology to address and improve two of the toughest business challenges in the retail industry ---out-of-
Inventory and global normalization of supply chain systems.
This initial roll
The output and use of Gen2 hardware and software is K-
C. The first step in fully integrating the gen2 platform. K-
C. non-woven business unit--
Formerly known as the NonwovenFabrics business--
This year, it was renamed the Kimberley Clark partnership product.
The new name reflects the company\'s capabilities outside of the roll arena space.
\"Not only do we provide the goods, we are also active in providing converted solutions to our customers,\" he said . \"
Explain K-
C convert some of its own products and output some of the conversion items.
Renaming is also part of the business unit\'s efforts to differentiate itself from companies that strictly sell rolling goods.
\"We have developed some very unique products that the company is bringing to market.
We are interested in selling unique rolling items for specific application areas.
In any case, both the product itself and the material are protected by a patent . \"Sneyd said.
He added that the converted products on K-
The company supplies many new customers.
\"For us, rolling goods are also continuing to grow,\" he added . \".
\"In fact, in the segment we are involved in, we are growing faster than the market itself,\" he added . \".
Title 2007, K-
C is optimistic and looks forward to the benefits of working with key industry players in the future.
\"We have achieved great success in providing a unique rolling item and one --of-a-
\"The finished product is good . \"
\"We will continue to grow through cooperation with large enterprises --
This is a very critical part of our success.
\"4 old pecans of BBA fiber web, TN www. bbafiberweb. com $1. 1 billion (619m [Pound)BBA Fiberweb--
Old pecans of industrial North America, TN BBAFiberweb--
Sanitary Simpson, SC Plant, C. C. , SC; Green Bay, WI; Gray Court, SC;
Craitaro, Mexico;
Old pecans in TN;
San jose dos campos, Brazil;
Simpsonville, SC;
Washougal, WA process air laying, chemical bonding, alkali winding, thermal bonding, water winding, fusion spray, absorbent composite, spinestick PP, spinestick PET, PP and PET double qualiflo, Starweb, AQF, security on, Terram, Typar, Softex, Sofspan, webrill, Novonette, bio-carrier, Bidim, Linopor, ultraFlo main market building and ground contact, Consumer Care, filtration, hygiene, medical and protective markets, industrial specialty, sorbentmaterials BBA fiber web--Asia-
Kowloon Pacific plant, Tianjin, China;
Luo Yong Thai craft air flow into net, chemical combination, mean entanglement, heat bonding, hydroentanglement, fusion spray, adsorption material, PP spinning stick, Reemay, Curry, Starweb, AQF, Securon, PETbicomponent brand name, terram, typar, Softex, Sofspan, webrill, Novonette, bio-carrier, Bidim, Linopor, UltraFlo Main marker construction and ground contact, consumer Care, filtration, hygiene, medical and protective markets, industrial specialty, sorbentmaterials BBA fiber web-
Bisheim, France, Europe, Italy, trezano, Rosa;
Aspen, Germany;
Berlin, Germany;
Trezzanoosa; Pontypool, U. K. ;
Snowping, Sweden; Al-
Hobbar, Saudi Arabia (JV);
Port Elizabeth, South Africa (JV)
Pein, Germany;
Italian Peregallo di Lesmo, Italian Terno d\'Isola, Italy, Alicante, Spanish craft air laying, chemical bonding, caustic alkali winding, thermal bonding, water winding brand name Reemay, Korma, Starweb, AQF, securon, Terram, Typar, Softex, Sofspan, webrill, Novonette, major market building and ground contact, Consumer Care, filtration, hygiene, medical and protection markets, industrial specialty, sorbentmaterials big news from bba fiberweb is the decision of its parent company to separate non-woven fabric producers, listed separately on the London Stock Exchange.
It is possible to announce that the BBA Group will take a disciplinary action against the fiber web division, which reportedly increased sales by 12% to 0. 619 billion [Pound)($1. 1 billion)
In 2005, it was announced earlier that it was exploring ways to separate non-woven fabrics to focus on the aftermath of its core aviation services business.
According to toreports, demerger is more favored than sales when BBA fails to get the right price for the non-woven sector.
The BBA received many offers to purchase the fiber web, but decided that the separation and separation list of the fiber web was in the best interests of its shareholders.
With the development of the company, growth is still the focus of the company\'s attention.
In November, the company announced that it would expand its investment in Sweden through a $25 million investment.
It\'s a new 20,000-
Instrument Reifenhauser 4 textile adhesive production line mainly concentrated in the health market.
Newline will replace the old technology and add nearly 50% extra capacity to the Norrkoping site.
Executive call 5.
2 m wide production line is the cost leader in the industry, which will make large-
High quality, very large scale production
Lightweight fabrics for the personal care industry.
Sweden\'s investment followed closely. in 2005, BBA fiber web doubled its textile manufacturing capacity at its factory in San JoseIturbide, Mexico --
2006, industrial fabric capacity in factories in Germany and Brazil increased by 50%.
These latest investment decisions are part of an accelerated drive by Fiberweb to build further competitive advantage through manufacturing.
Adjust the old capacity further and increase the lead-
In the Americas and Europe, Edge technology may soon emerge, and expansion in Asia is the top priority of Fiberweb.
Commenting on the investment, Daniel dayan, CEO of Fiberweb, said, \"I am pleased that we can accelerate the implementation of the health and industrial market strategy through this investment.
Fiberweb will remain market leader in its business-
Competitive in standard products, leading in innovation.
Our Swedish website is an important part of our unique global production network, and this investment ensures its future as an excellent supplier to Nordic customers.
As we look forward to the separation from BBA, it can be seen that Fiberweb continues to grow its business;
Serve customers and bring rich returns to shareholders.
\"The health sector of BBA will also benefit recently as an initiative to adjust its health operations in the Americas.
The plan requires the closure of several old production lines and the integration of BBA\'s Simpsonville SC site into a smaller area.
BBA closed two production lines in June-
A narrow text message line and a narrow spinning line-
At the factory in WA Washougal, on July, the company closed part of the SMMMS barrier line, the spinning stick line and the co-pilot line located in SC Simpsonville.
The other two production lines at the Simpsonville site are in normal operation and the department headquarters and support structure will remain on site and the office will be merged between fewerbuilding.
Dave Rousse, president, said: \"Closing these lines is a difficult but vital step to ensure that our operations can compete effectively in this very demanding market . \" BBA fiber web health/medical Americas division.
\"Last year, we decided to close the Toronto plant and move the two machines to a more strategic location.
The production line of the reconditionedreio3 to Mexico is now in production.
We are also pushing forward the warehouse expansion at our Green Bay WI plant to commercialize our new professional calendar for Line 3 at Washougal, enhancing our fiber handling capabilities at White, SC and weare are exploring several other promising investment options for simpsonville and other sites.
We regret the impact of the blockade on individuals and communities.
Once we have completed this difficult restructuring, we are optimistic that we will create a stronger business.
\"At the same time, BBA expanded its air operations and built a new line at the Korma plant near Monza, Italy.
Theline\'s $20 million investment will include the next generation of flexible modular aerial laying technology developed by m & J fiber ReTech, a division of Newman.
This will be the second route for BBA.
In 2001, the company began its first air laying business in Tianjin, China.
Despite the ambitious investment plans that BBA has put in place, its raw material prices, like many non-woven producers, continue to struggle.
In the year 2005, the pricing level drove the profit of Fiberweb operations down 10% to 44 million [Pound)
Executives are reported to continue to face pressure.
However, restructuring of the North American health business and other costs
Savings measures are expected to help improve the situation.
The industrial sector of Fiberweb, which does not feel the impact of a sharp rise in raw material prices, serves major markets such as construction, filtration, adsorption agents and other specialized fields.
The company\'s industrial market includes filtering, and its reemay brand products have been successful in the pool and spa markets, while allowing the company to expand the scope of the filter media.
In addition, the company\'s Typar home packaging products continue to perform well in the construction industry due to their strength, tear resistance, moisture resistance and use efficiency.
BBA has been adding new products to its Typar range to enhance the strength of its home packaging products, the target range includes
Specific products such as flashing and coastal packaging.
In addition, the acquisition of Tenotexin 2004 contributed to the growth of BBA.
This key supplier has been added to the European wet wipes market, which has helped the BBA to expand its role in Europe and give it a competitive advantage in many key industrial markets.
Similarly, the acquisition of saffira in 2003 gave BBA Fiberweb access to many new technologies and markets.
5 Polymer Group Co. , Ltd.
Charlotte, NC www. polymergroupin.
Chief executive James Schaeffer, $0. 948 billion; Willis (Billy)
Moore III, chief financial officer;
Mike Hale, vice president and general manager-U. S. Nonwovens;
Fernando Espinosa, vice president and general manager-Latin America;
Zheng Jie, vice president and general managerChina;
Bill Spencer, general managerCanada;
Vice President RickFerencz, engineering and development;
Bob Dell, vice president of sales and marketing-U.
S, non-woven and Dennis Norman, vice president --
Strategic Planning and Communications plant in landsville, New Jersey; Rogers, AR; Benson, NC;
Gainesville, Georgia;
AR North Little Rock City;
Mursville, North Carolina; Waynesboro, VA;
Clarkmas, Oregon;
Clear Utah;
Guntown, Mississippi;
Kingman, KansasMagog, Quebec;
North Bay, Ontario;
Neunkirchen, Germany;
Trique, Netherlands: Mexico, Potosi;
Argentina, Argentina;
Belle, France; Nanhai,China; Suzhou, China; Cali, Colombia;
ISO status in Sri Lanka, NC, Sweden; Rogers, AR; Vineland, NJ; Benson, NC; Gainesville,GA;
Northern Little Rock City, AR;
Mursville, North Carolina;
China, South China Sea, Argentina;
Cuijk in St. Louis Potosi, Mexico, mollycke, Sweden and the Netherlands is ISO 9002 certified spineken fusion spray, SMS, composite process airlay, aperturedfilm, film laminate, Sonic laminate, extruded Polyolefine, hot layering, Apex, other proprietary fabric forming, brand Apex of surfacing and bindingsystems, kobban, debbon, Amila, Aquapex, Bonlinn, Bonsec, ChicopeeCares, Chix, Chux, Comfortlace, comfortsilk, Duralace, Durapex, Dura
Tekes, fleswell, isolite, kebak, Kira, marselin, martelin, Medisoft, more
Gather and breatheSafe, Quat-
Security, Provira, Reticulon, Reforel, Softlin, Soft-
Touch, super soft, top expansion, thermoforming, Thermospost super dry loft, Titan, Super
Ply, Xiora main market agriculture, clothing, automobile, battery separator, flameretardant material, cable winding, filtration, home decoration, hygiene, industrial, industrial and marine absorbent guest room cleaning, wet wipes for food service and special use, consumer wipes, household wipes that continue to be successful are PGI non-woven fabrics.
In the past 12 months, one of the highlights of this diversified producer of rolling goods has been the start of a new production line in Mooresville, NC, moving its corporate headquarters from Charleston, SC, continues to invest in Latin America and China.
In 2005, PGI achieved $0. 948 billion in sales, continuing the upward trend that began three years ago, when sales were $750-
$0. 78 billion, with new machines listed in North Carolina, Latin America and Asia and starting to contribute to profits, the company is expected to exceed $1 billion.
\"Our growth last year did not even reflect the upcoming investment,\" explains CEO James Schaeffer . \".
\"New production lines in Mexico are included, but most of them are due to increased sales of existing production lines for new projects and new products.
Our sales are growing in an old-fashioned way. We earnedit.
\"One of the company\'s recent initiatives is to build a new corporate headquarters in Charlotte.
Headquartered in Charlotte\'s Harris Corner Business Park, it has about 100 employees in senior leadership, finance, procurement, human resources, sales, customer service, information technology and other administrative positions.
The PGI transfers staff from the headquarters of formerheadquarters in North Charleston and offices in mursville, New Jersey, and Raleigh, NC and Dayton to establish a centralized location.
Tecteoffice brings the company closer to its customers and production operations, aiming to improve operational efficiency and enhance collaboration within the company.
With the establishment of the new headquarters, PGI will continue to maintain the steady growth momentum that began three years ago.
Growth will largely be achieved through a series of new lines that began in early 2006. In the U. S.
PGI with ribbon-
In order to meet the product needs of the region, a cutting ceremony was held in NC mulesville to commemorate the completion of the fourth spunmelt production line.
Reifenhauser Reico IV spunmeltline is designed to enhance flexibility.
It can produce higher quality fine Dan materials that are softer and lighter than traditional technologies and improve barrier performance.
PGI\'s spunmelt business is also not new, and in a new plan in Suzhou, China, the company is currently stepping up production of PGI, the largest spinning liquid manufacturer in China, it is also the only manufacturer of vertically integrated finished medical fabrics in China.
The new factory is located near Shanghai and contains more than one
Beam Reifenhauser textile liquid production line, for medical and sanitary applications, as well as finishing production lines for the production of treated medical fabrics that meet the highest quality standards.
According to PGI executives, the creation of the business is the result of its medical converter customers entering Asia.
PGI has also expanded its technical base of existing facilities in the South China Sea, where it operates a sales-
In spinning and onesold-
It uses advanced chemical bonding production lines to serve the medical and medical markets.
This allows PGI China to produce secondary products previously sold only in the US for the health marketS.
And European business.
\"The Asian market is becoming more mature,\" he said . \"Schaeffer said.
\"We love that a large part of the products we produce there are left there.
Some people come back as finished medical products, but the biggest share is intended to be consumed in Asia.
\"In order to give its Asian business a coherent structure, PGI has set up an Asian headquarters near the Suzhou factory this year, combining its manufacturing plant with the administrative functions under oneroof in
\"The new Asia headquarters will promote greater cooperation and cooperation between our teams and put the leaders of the Asian business in the same position as our new manufacturing base,\" said Jay Cheng ,\". Vice President and General Manager of PGI Asia.
Financial operations led by PGI Asia\'s new chief financial officer Z. Q.
Zhan, as well as information technology, sales and marketing and administrative support, will also set up offices in this growing Shanghai region.
Meanwhile, Latin America is home to the company\'s recent announcement of investment, which has been the company\'s strong growth region for some time-
A new spinning liquid production line of Dominion Nonwovens america (DNS)
The Sino-foreign joint venture fund was held in Argentina. The newwide-width, multi-
Beam spunline will more than double the capacity of the joint venture plant to meet South America\'s growing demand for its products and better serve customers in the region.
By the end of 2007, it will produce more than 15,000 tons of non-woven fabrics.
The new line is designed to provide a high level of commitment to health goals
High quality fine Dan topsheet materials and other substrates used in diapers.
The addition of this line enables the company\'s DNS operations to produce materials that meet the highest health standards in the industry.
The expanded capacity will also be used with the coating functionality of DNS to provide more value-
Additional products such as cloth-like backsheet.
This investment follows a similar growth strategy for pgi Latin American operations.
In early 2005, news reports from Cali, Colombia and San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in 2004 have begun, doubling the capacity of the site.
In Cali, the new Reifenhauser series is fully committed to the health market, providing a high quality, fine rejection service
Sheet material for diapers, while in Mexico, a new three
Health marketstroughut America for the production of lightweight materials by the Beamspunbond line.
\"Latin America is a very important part of our entire business . \"Schaeffer said.
\"This is in line with our mission to have the right product at the right price anywhere in the world.
Throughout Latin America, our customer base continues to grow at a very good rate and our production footprint is very good.
We are continuing to expand this scope.
\"While spinning liquid technology has been the main focus of PGI\'s recent investment, the company remains committed to becoming an overall solution provider for the non-woven industry.
\"A lot of people think we only do water Spurs in these areas, but we have a company in China called cali and chemical bond products . \"Schaeffer said.
\"Our goal is to be a full service provider for non-woven and engineering products.
\"PGI\'s full range of services also benefits from its spiky water-thorn technology, which allows the company to target some interesting markets.
There are more than 40,000 tons of materials designated for wet wipes, which of course has become an interesting market for PGI, but the company has moved away from the merchandise space and is worth focusing on Apex\'s imaging technology
\"There are a lot of different materials in the wet wipes market . \"Schaeffer said.
\"We see many different shapes and feelings.
\"The development of cotton is a good example --
Baby wipesby PGI and wet wipes converter NicePak, which includes retail giant Costco, has not only been a success in retail, but has also opened up a new one in the baby wipes market
\"As we expected, we are leading the way in some new applications and new products for Apex . \"
Continued Sheffer.
In addition to wet wipes, Apex also allows PGI access to markets including automobiles, carpet liners and filtration.
In terms of filtration, due to the strategic relationship with Donaldson, the durapex media series of pgi now contains oleophobic grass and conduction
These products are suitable for dust removal in manufacturing environments where wet conditions, high temperatures and dust may explode.
\"One thing about Apex is that we really integrate it into many different applications,\" said Dennis Norman, vice president of strategic planning and communication . \".
\"We have a lot of different ways to create real value --
Differentiated products are added.
In addition, while hygiene, medical and wet wipes remain an important part of PGI\'s growth strategy, the same is true for mattress applications and the industrial sector of automotive products, filtration and construction.
\"PGI\'s growth in these areas helps offset the maturity of markets in certain areas of the health market.
\"Health is growing very rapidly in emerging regions, but overall health in the United StatesS.
Not as fast as industry.
Through competition in the industrial sector, we have a huge diversity . \"Norman said.
\"The great potential of industry is organic growth,\" he added . \".
\"Because we started from scratch, we just grew by entering new markets.
\"With factories all over the world, PGI\'s expansion strategy focuses primarily on new production lines, but with PGI\'s capital expansion in the Americas and Asia, significant investments in Europe have clearly disappeared.
PGI executives will not specify their plans in Europe, but mentioned that future growth plans will be implemented in due course, it also stressed that the European part of its business is still important for its position as a global non-woven supplier.
\"I think you will see that PGI is a theme of continuous growth, but it will become stronger and smarter . \"Schaeffer said.
\"We are not just growing up for growth.
There is great potential for growth in this industry.
We believe that we have the ability to be an industry leader, not an industry leader.
6 Ashlstrom, Helsinki, Finland www. ahlstrom.
$0. 928 billion from Jukka Moisio, President and CEO of Com;
Randal Davis, senior vice president and general manager of filtering;
Claudio Ermondi, senior vice president and general manager of non-woven fabrics;
Tommi Bjormann, senior vice president and general manager of glass non-woven fabric;
Marco Aimo, global sales and marketing manager for European filtering;
Jerome Barrone, marketing director, USAS. filtration;
Continue the popilfilation of ice cone and general manager;
Hao Jin, vice president, general manager, Koreafiltration;
Karen lunton, marketing and communications manager, Europe\'s inkjet company;
Alan Myers, non-woven market and communications manager, North and South America;
Jimmy Loh, general manager of Shanghai non-woven fabric;
Juha Bohm, sales and marketing director, European Glass non-woven fabric process, Airlaid, carded dry version, fine fiber, glass non-woven fabric, needleer, water Thorn, water Thorn composite embossing itexand process enhancement, such as embossing, extrusion coating, lamination and grain physics and chemistry.
Acquisitions and capital investments in the non-woven business area of ForAhlstrom continue, which reports sales and price growth in 2005.
The company attributed much of this success to new acquisitions and new equipment, but attributed its success to a high focus on core markets such as wet wipes, medical care, industry, food packaging and filtration.
\"We are not interested in participating in some niche areas,\" explains Claudio Ermondi . \".
\"Wearen is not just buying for it.
\"The sales growth in 2005 came from an increase in ahlstrom\'s activity on the waterthorn composite production line for CT Windsor Locks, a result of the acquisition of Green Bay non-woven fabric at the end of 2004, it is also the success of the Turin production line. Hyun Poong of Italy and South Korea intends to support the growing non-woven fabric market in the local area.
One of Ahlstrom\'s great tricks is the wet wipes market, through its waterthorn composite production line at the lock andChirnside, Windsor, Scotland, and the Green Bay non-woven factory (
Changed to Ahlstrom Green Bay)
Ahlstrom has added a second water Thorn line there to cope with the increase in demand for wet wipes in North America.
The new line is expected to start production in January 2007.
Despite these coups, Ahlstrom faced some challenges in 2005.
Growth in the European market remains unsatisfactory;
Prices for raw materials, energy and logistics rose in 2005.
Ahlstrom offset these challenges by improving raw material procurement, centralized procurement and using cheaper raw materials as much as possible.
These strategies have nearly doubled Ahlstrom\'s profits and increased operating profits to 117. 2 million [euro].
\"Our strategy is simple . \"
Ermondi explained.
\"We invest in the capacity of new production lines, which will enable us to maintain growth.
\"The acquisition and subsequent expansion of AhlstromGreen Bay reflects the growth of the consumer wipes market, which Ahlstrom is the main supplier.
\"We need more capacity in the North American wireless market . \"
Ermondi explained.
The challenge of wet wipes is to meet the various needs of the converter, such as nature-
This is based on the solubility of wet wipes or water, he continued.
\"They keep asking for new things and it\'s a great opportunity if you can meet those needs.
\"Recently, Ahlstrom has increased its ability to run cotton fibers through the Green Bay Water thorn line in response to increased interest in the wiki market in incorporating cotton into the base.
Most of Ahlstrom\'s efforts in wet wipes are concentrated in North America, but others are on radar.
In the United States, there are still opportunities for big wipes. S. so far,\" Mr. Ermondi said.
\"This is the driving market.
Europe is growing slowly, but South America is still growing small.
We have not seen much growth in Asia.
\"In Europe, Ahlstrom currently operates only one water Thorn line at Chirnside.
Because this market is facing a situation of overcapacity, there may not be a new route in the future of Ahlstrom,
Ermondi does not rule out acquisitions in the region.
Ahlstrom isfiltration has received another area of significant investment and has been producing media in Italy since the 1970 s, mainly for the automotive market.
More importantly, however, the company strives to expand the scope of the business by adding new technologies, most often through acquisitions.
\"It\'s much easier to buy some companies than to start from scratch . \"
Ermondi explained.
These efforts began in 2004 with the purchase of Hollinee LLC\'s filter equipment in the United StatesS.
This gives Ahlstrom instant access to the $0. 5 billion HVAC market and recently includes acquisitions in some filtering areas.
Ahlstrom acquired the filtering business of Lantor, Inc. in December.
Consolidate its position in the air filtration and automatic filtration market by adding additional needle punching production capacity and expanding the product portfolio through high temperature filtration and other professional filtration products.
The acquisition of Lantor will add about $20 million to salesto Ahlstrom\'s filtering business, including Bellingham, mafacability and the new factory in China, which began production in May 2005.
New entity of the United States. S.
Operated in the name of Ahlstrom Lantor LLC. Mr.
Ermondi said that the Chinese business unit of the business showed special growth potential.
\"As demand for power generation increases and industrial manufacturing increases, there is a high demand for air filtration products in China.
In fact, Lantor has established a successful filtering business in the United States. S.
They have passed on this knowledge to China, which will enable Ahlstrom to accelerate its presence in China.
\"Also in December, Ahlstrom acquired the North American absorption materials business of FiberMark and integrated the business into existing products offered by its Mt.
Holly Spring, PA website.
\"This transaction strengthens Ahlstrom\'s position and increases its supply of products in the special filtering market.
We understand the market and have the structure of the service market, we have the right production capacity, we are now ready to become the main supplier of this market.
\"Then, in January, Ahlstrom reached an agreement to acquire HRS Textiles, a supplier of special non-woven fabrics for the North American air and liquid filtration market in South Carolina.
The deal will add $20 million to Ahlstrom\'s filtration business and strengthen its position in air and liquid filtration.
\"Ahlstrom has been filtered for more than 35 years.
We grew up in the field of transport filtration and became one of the biggest players in the field.
We have also accumulated important experience and knowledge in the design and production of filter media.
We then start to reach out to different filter markets, leverage our capabilities and enhance them through selected acquisitions (
Companies that support the market-
How to complement each other-to-
Osdragon technology),\" Mr. Ermondi said.
Also expected to increase the Ahlstrom filtration business is a new fine fiber production line in Turin, Italy, which was put into use in June 2005.
Custom melting based-
The production line can use multi-layer polymers to produce multi-layer and calender products to meet a wide range of applications, especially filtration.
Where traditional meltblown technology produces most of the fiber over one micron, Ahlstrom\'s FineFiber technology produces a much higher proportion of fibermicron range.
More and finer fibers offer many possibilities to improve filtration efficiency while maintaining performance.
In addition, the synthesis capacity of the production line, combined with the capacity to produce multi-density materials, will enable it to create new structures and open up new avenues for the development of filter products.
The healthcare and consumer business of Ahlstrom has also received attention, which continues to benefit from large businesses
In November 2001, the Windsor Lock added the scale compositespunbond series.
While demand for medical non-woven fabrics in early 2006 was weaker than in 2005, Ahlstrom continued to focus on providing customers with higher protection and greater comfort.
In November the range of existing products such as the oslong-aligned Seve, Saudi Arabia Arabian nonwovens producer, selling Medalon series spunmelt medical drapeand gown cloth.
The eco-operation has benefited both companies from saaf\'s manufacturing expertise and innovative product range, as well as toAhlstrom\'s global presence, strong relationships and extensive production capabilities
Mr Ahlstrom said that whether it is through capital investment, acquisition of joint ventures, Ahlstrom is clearly willing to make every effort to develop its non-woven business and that those efforts will continueErmondi.
\"Ahlstrom\'s goal is primarily to continue to expand and further improve its operations by investing in new capacity, new technologies and increasing productivity of existing capacity;
Investment and expansion in Asia, Russia/eastern Europe and the Americas to expand its geographical location and enhance its production capacity through its global customer base and possible acquisitions.
\"Moreover, Ahlstrom will not be accidental.
\"We want to make sure that it will benefit the company if we invest, but that\'s not always the case . \"Ermondi said.
John Manville, Denverjm.
Dion Persson, senior vice president of engineering products group, Com $0. 53 billion;
Fred Stephen, vice president of high-performance non-woven fabrics;
ZainMahmood, vice president, building materials and systems plant, OH; Defiance, OH;
Ripchland, MS, Spartanburg, SC, Etowah, TN;
Bollingen, wotheheim, Karstan and Steiner in Berlin, Germany; Shanghai, China;
Trnava certified for ISO status, SC and Defiance, OH ISO 9002, Spartanburg, Slovakia;
ISO 9001 certification in Bollingen and Berlin, Germany;
OH ville, oh iso 9002 certified;
Etowah, airlay, tn iso 9002 certification process (
Glass and synthetic)
, Wet shop, calender, melt spray, textile, needle, hot adhesive brand name Microlith, DuraGlass, Delta-
Al, DynaWick, DynaWeb, DynaTech, Micro
Roofing, MicroLith, Ecomat, Duraglass and Combimat, DuraBase and gorilla packing the main market Roofing substrate, air and liquid filtration, adsorption agent, battery separator building products, building and engineering materials expert John Manville, denver, CO . , has been able to continue its growing trend in non-woven fabric sales in all markets.
Berkshire Hathaway
In 2005, sales of state-owned companies exceeded $0. 525 billion.
According to ZainMahmood, vice president and general manager of building materials, while raw material prices pose a major challenge globally, JM has successfully delivered growth around the world.
\"Our biggest challenge is the substantial growth in raw materials and energy costs worldwide,\" he said . \".
\"In order to reflect these changes, jm has maintained its leadership position to increase the price of all its non-woven markets.
\"Johannes Manville operates through two groups ---
Engineering products and building materials.
JM\'s non-woven fabric business is included in the engineering product group and is divided into three global segments ---
A combination of reinforced fibers, building materials and systems, and high-performance non-woven fabrics, glass and synthetic materials and filter media.
The building materials section will be boosted from TN Etowah\'s new glass mat line, which will be put into production in the second half of 2007.
The expansion will make the facility a very expensive one.
According to him, the efficient operation of the two large furnaces and the nearby 70% itscustomMahmood.
\"There are some significant new capabilities in this
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