10 best splashes

by:Chengbai     2020-02-22
We \'ve all seen people douse themselves with a bucket of ice water and record it for the world to see.
So far, many people will hear, read and see a lot of completed challenges posted online.
They all have the same purpose.
To improve the understanding of lateral atrophy hardening (ALS)
This is also known as the disease of building Gehrig.
In addition to spreading news on ALS, the challenge encourages those nominated for donations for disease research.
The trend of getting water on the ice
Friends of former Boston University baseball team captain Pete Frates, diagnosed with ALS, like to drink cold water.
His friends challenged the local athletes, saying the rest was history.
ALS is not contagious.
According to the ALS Association, this is a progressive neurodegeneration disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.
Patients lose muscle function over time, making it difficult for them to speak, swallow, or even breathe, and eventually leading to their death.
The ice bucket challenge spread like wildfire in the United States, and later became popular in other countries, including Malaysia.
Many Malaysian celebrities, politicians and locals have accepted the challenge and have donated money to the ALS foundation or other personal causes.
Those nominated for the challenge must comply within 24 hours.
The cost of each challenge is 31 yuan.
80 should be donated.
If the nominee chooses not to accept the challenge, they should donate rm318.
Donations to the cause can be made through www. alsa.
Org Star Metro lists some ice bucket challenge videos circulating on the Internet since the beginning of the chilling challenge. 1.
Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin 2.
Minister of Tourism and Culture Mohammad Nazri Aziz
Star Publications (M)
Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and nza Euro Motors Sdn Bhd COO Datuk Samson Anand George 4, managing director and CEO of Bhd Group.
Penang Chief Minister Lin Guanying also accepted the challenge for a good thing, and he accepted the challenge in front of the Pennan faction.
In the video, when his wife, Betty Chew, flipped over a bucket of ice water, people saw Lin clenched his fist.
He donated RM318 to the ALS Association and nominated Teoh Yang Khoon, editor-in-chief of Chinese news, and Nazri for the challenge.
Both accepted the challenge. 5.
Sutra foundation leader and classical dancer Datuk ramley Ibrahim ramley nominated Nazri, Ming Consulting Datuk, executive director of Sdn Bhd, after performing the ice bucket challenge ·6.
Supermodel Amber Chia did it when it looked great.
The comments on the video included questions about whether she was using a waterproof cosmetic because her makeup was still intact after a bucket of water and ice fell on her.
She shared her video on the Instagram page. 7.
Red FM radio DJ Jeremy Teo 8
Li Zongwei, the national badminton player, was nominated by a local radio DJ, but is in Copenhagen for the World Championships at the ballet\'s Super Arena.
Although he has been nominated for more than 24 hours, the shuttle takes on the challenge where it looks like his hotel bathroom.
Still wearing his sportswear, 31-year-
Old challenged with a cold bag with ice water. 9.
The people behind MyBurgerLab burger restaurant have been a hot topic in the city since its inception, and they decided to accept the ice bucket challenge after being nominated by fans.
The team\'s video is the most creative one to upload to YouTube.
The video shows that the staff of myBurgerLab is working on a reverse ice bucket challenge where the audience sees the water pour back into the bucket or bowl. 10.
Datuk Michael Tio 11, CEO and general manager of Sdn Bhd, PKT logistics group.
StarMetro also did our version of the ice bucket challenge after we were nominated for Star Publications (M)
Marketing and enterprise communication of Bhd Group (GMCC)department.
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